With a history of more than 25 years in the casino industry, REAC’s origins were in the development and production of slot machines for the Dutch casino’s. About 20 years ago, REAC became aware of the growing need of a management system for arcade operators and started to develop its REAC Management Information System. Today more than 25.000 slot machines all over the world are connected to the REAC systems.

REAC is exclusive distributor of the CTM redemption machines, produced by Cash Support, for the Dutch market.Big advantage also for the international market is that these redemption machines can be linked directly to any REAC system. For casino signage REAC cooperates with Signs4u, their signs can be connected directly to any REAC system.


Persbericht Corona REAC

2020-03-13 12:05:00

In navolging van het advies van het RIVM zijn al onze medewerkers geïnstrueerd over de hygiënische maatregelen die zij in acht moeten nemen, de rol van...

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